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Foreign trade clothing What does this mean?

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Clothing trade, refers to the domestic garment manufacturers or foreign incoming sample to sample based on foreign and domestic election materials processing and then shipped to foreign customers clothing. After the completion of the remaining part of the product line is called foreign trade last single. Since foreign trade clothing exports, so the standards are correspondingly stringent than domestic, so the quality is higher than similar products, resulting in a considerable part of foreign trade last single as the majority of consumers buy the object.

Such clothing is often the design specifications in accordance with Westerners or Japanese, Korean preferences, their style is often ahead of the domestic consumer perspective, the specifications do not necessarily meet the people's body characteristics, but because of its unique appearance, good fabric, fine workmanship, the price is still relatively low by many domestic consumers.

"The real trade clothing generally comes from the export of garment manufacturers." A familiar trade clothing business owner told the new new, mostly foreign trade clothing style design provided by the customer, the purchase or fabrics imported from abroad in the country according to customer requirements. Manufacturers in the production, often more than the number of customer requirements a few pieces of clothing to prevent insufficient amount of items because of quality problems caused, but the number of multi-processing and production of clothing is not too much. Until more is derived from foreign trade clothing export through many rigorous test out down the "defective products", which went mostly clothing clothing store.

Usually, there is only 2-3 each, or even one, of no more than five. Zhuangshan seldom happens occasionally over 5, then certainly there are some small flaws do not affect wear.
In addition to those parts of the order to do more than that, or is defective, failed the test, the other is the imitation of foreign trade clothing.

The difference between real and counterfeit goods trade between the clothing, in fact, broadly speaking is the difference between the quality of, in general, false trade clothing and if really foreign trade clothing line in terms of quality, costs will certainly exceed their true trade products the price, it can not reflect the needs of the counterfeiters.
False trade clothing is also good or bad, from Jimo and other places wholesale clothing wholesale market is relatively easy to identify, work very rough texture of these clothes, ordinary consumers easily can be seen, people buy these commodities It is often like them cheaper.

There is also a good quality "goods in Guangzhou," Some of them are from Guangdong, specializes in the production of counterfeit brand-name manufacturers in the world, they have many years of experience in the production of counterfeit products, the demand for domestic consumers is very clear, how to package, how to price , imitation of what brand they are hundreds of these goods new style, workmanship and fabrics are better, in the general public opinion is very good, not experts is difficult to see flaws. However, upon closer scrutiny, there are still loopholes, and if the comparison is with a slight difference of their trademark style patterns and stores between the real brand, may lack some of the subsidiary patterns and letters. In fact the more world famous brands, such possibilities can buy foreign products is smaller. Some of the world's top brands in the country is simply not working point, these so-called brand "foreign goods" is necessarily one hundred percent fake. These clothing items also need to identify them with the relevant knowledge can.

Taobao such clothing trade more, purchase must pay attention! Actually, the most convenient way is to look at the number, the new new, so to speak, a number of models, if more, a lot of people on Taobao or other websites are selling, everywhere you can see, it is recommended to buy with caution!

Real trade clothing generally with clothes with fine print cards, show clothing brand, fabric, size, washing instructions, etc., washed with clothes inside, and other standard components are also indispensable, false trade clothing clothing washing band, component identification, or lack of, or differ from the real thing, but the text of these signs on the real thing must be the foreign language, as the use of Chinese will definitely be fake.

Characteristics and identification of foreign trade clothing
  Original single shipment (also called more than a single, single-tail): large foreign brands fabrics, the version to look for domestic manufacturers. Of acceptable quality, the store is in the "real thing."
"Original single shipment" is a manufacturer from less than 3% of the "planned obsolescence of materials" plucked out a little, secretly processing garment. It and the "real thing," the only difference, but "concubines" only a small number, closed on count your lucky.
Another "original goods" because of various problems, brands are rejected "foreign domestic", and sometimes a lot number. The most common is the color difference, that is inconsistent with the requirements of foreign investors, but the quality remains guaranteed.

With a single stock:
  "Original" fabric, with a number of domestic accessories, improvise the original style, which is "with a single product." Although the "goods with the single" sloppy workmanship point, the details of almost, but after all, there is the same with the genuine version and fabrics, the key is the "descent" the same, put on the body, will not change substantially the way.

Chasing a single shipment:
  When the original fabric manufacturers all used up, businesses and chasing to goods, how to do? Fortunately, the version is still in hand, they filled up a batch of similar fabrics in the domestic procurement, which is called "chasing a single shipment."

Instruction sheet goods:
  One of the worst quality, but also the number of flooding the market the most. Seeing the "original three brothers" rampant invincible, jealous to see small factories, it followed "split." "Instruction sheet" Just glance at the big picture Paris fashion show of clothing on, you can fake it.

  In general, the original single sweater is more, the number also has an advantage, because the wool garments more prone to defects. Jeans original single small, and the size is difficult to complete. Shoes as well. T-shirts and jackets and other brands are quite different.

  Brand differentiation: BCBG, JASSICA, CK, BURBURRY absolute sense and other brand-name original single shipment few, and there is absolutely no complete tag happen. Some European brands, known in the country is not too large, such as BANANA, H & M and so there will be a small amount of the original single goods, typically cut the subject, quality, even like two brands, huh. Popular brands ONLY, JACK & JONES, such as domestic hot original single relatively high. But because these popular brands to sell good, chasing orders and instruction sheet is very much up.

Outside the single garment generally have the following characteristics:
1. good fabric. Outside the single cotton fabrics to choose from fabric weave have special requirements, many outside the single supply of textile goods tend to procure a special loom to meet customer requirements. More often than not outside the single garment of cotton fabrics, but containing spandex, spandex is a new fiber, the price is high. Spandex fabric content is higher, the more expensive fabric. In general, T-shirts for a class of mostly cotton clothes ninety a few percent, plus spandex, is commonly known as fine cotton, so the clothes soft, good moisture wicking properties, may seem a little beat old , the color is not very bright, but not how to wash from the ball, do not fade, even wrinkled shake hanging about on restitution. In contrast, the color is too bright cotton garment washed several times after often easy to fade, and the color is too bright cotton fabric is probably because excessive levels of formaldehyde.

  Exported to Europe, especially single out the clothes, even the whole wool clothes washed not shrink, can not ball. I have several pieces of such clothes, wear dirty throw in the washing machine to wash, how to wash not deformation, is how to buy, or what kind of washing. Korean version of clothing: fashion Korea abandon many simple tones stuffing, but rather to highlight the taste by special chiaroscuro. Designer clothing by fabric texture and contrast, coupled with the rich style to emphasize the impact of the change, the kind of nuanced, complex, the surface of things is fine, even a little shy of the show instead, simple that even pockets Province the trousers, irregular hem dress, great style pleated pleated lace declare it in the beauty and popularity.

  2008 Clothing Trend Analysis: 2008 clothing is manifested urban joy, fashion, avant-garde, simple casual wear, a little elegant natural feel. 2008 clothing and more lenient Korean skirt, denim skirts, shorts, jeans, long, long flowery skirt, creative long sweater, soft denim linen, Jia grams shirt, the color of T-shirt, short-sleeved shirt

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