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Gigo Garement Manufacturing Limited

2016/8/12 10:33:15 Announcer:admin CTR:731

    Chicco Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, is a Hong Kong enterprises, mainly engaged in garment manufacturing and related business, the company aims to become your reliable business partner to grow with you.

  Our products are mainly producing knitted underwear, pajamas, children's clothing and uniforms ordered. To meet the different needs of the guests, we have three factories in Guangdong, production could reach 1.5 million. We specialize in tailor-made for customers of his products, the industry has accumulated some experience in the garment, over the years with worldwide brands and retail chains, success stories are numerous.
One is the development direction of the company in recent years to develop the mainland market, welcomed brands and retail chains around the provinces to discuss business.


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